Public Safety Service Partner of the Year

Goserco, Inc., a Verint partner and integrator since 2006, provides reliable design, implementation, service and training throughout the southwestern U.S.  With proven expertise in public safety communications recording as well as enterprise call recording and QM, Goserco delivers top-notch customer service to mission-critical contact centers and PSAPs.  Combined with Verint technology, Goserco’s 26 years of industry experience and commitment to customer success, ensure an unmatched customer experience.  As true specialists in communications recording, Goserco focuses on enabling customers to drive meaningful change, whether working to enhance public safety, or to increase business efficiencies.

Goserco, Inc. is the proud recipient of Verint’s Public Safety Service Partner Of The Year for 2017, and looks forward to continued excellent service and support delivery for the end-users of Verint products.

2017 Arizona State APCO/NENA Training Conference

Goserco, Inc.'s Booth at the 2017 Arizona State APCO/NENA Training Conference

Our Audio and Security Sales Departments enjoyed attending the 2017 Arizona State APCO/NENA Training Conference on September 6th.  If you were unable to attend and would like to speak to one of our Goserco sales account managers feel free to call 1-800-285-0108 option 2 or email!

Let Us Help Keep Your Business Safe and Secure with the Best Security Solutions

Being a business owner requires a lot of responsibility.  One of the top responsibilities would be keeping your business safe and secure.  Video surveillance systems are a top priority and give your company a “safeguard” when it comes to crime and theft.

Most businesses will do extensive background checks during the hiring process in hopes of weeding out candidates that have had a problem with theft. But there is only so much you can do when screening a future employee. Having another set of eyes in the office will give you the reassurance you need while away.

A Peace of Mind

Whether you need to monitor an entrance, specific areas or want to completely catch every square foot of the interior and exterior of your office, investing in a video surveillance system is a smart move. The presence of video surveillance cameras can reduce the risk of your business being hit dramatically. Criminals don’t want to take the risk of being caught and will go for an easy target. Same goes for employees. Installing a video surveillance camera where there are valuable items or money will make them think twice about whether or not it is worth it.

Finding The Best Video Surveillance System For Your Business

You will find that there is an IP  Camera for every type of situation. The problem with that is businesses are only prepared to a certain extent. We recommend that you take into consideration a few important features when purchasing your next video surveillance system:

  • Weatherproof & Maintenance Free – Find a camera that will withstand extreme temperatures and require little to no maintenance outdoors
  • Increased Resolution (at least 6 MP) – Cameras with higher resolution will limit the amount of IP cameras you will need to capture an area
  • Color Sensors – Find a lens that can distinguish between day & night and other difficult light settings
  • Thermal & Heat Sensors – The ability to pick up body heat when you can’t distinguish what someone is doing will take your Video Surveillance System to a whole new level

Mobotix Thermal Sensor

  • Global Alarming – You will want to have the capability to be alerted via e-mail or phone every time your camera picks up certain movement
  • Ability to Monitor Cameras with your Computer/Phone – You will finally have a peace of mind when you are away from the office knowing that you can check on your investment 24/7.

Mobotix App Remote

  • Event or Sensor Action Recording – The ability to record a certain time frame or actual movement will limit your recording space
  • No Software or License Costs – Make sure that you choose a Video Surveillance System that includes Software and Licensing costs
  • 180° Hemispheric Vision – Once you see how much a 180° lens covers in one room, it will be difficult to justify investing  in anything else

Mobotix Video Surveillance System

At Goserco, we understand the importance of purchasing a Video Surveillance System that fulfills all of your businesses needs. We offer a flexible solution and are ready to answer any questions.

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APCO 2017

August 13th-16th our Audio Sales Account Manager, Shaun Andrews and our President, Geoff Goin, will be attending the APCO 2017 show in Denver, Colorado.  If you are attending, please make sure to stop by their booth to receive more information on our expert audio communications recording solutions!