Call Recording Solution California

Call Recording Specialist CA

Call recording Specialist California Goserco Inc specializes in Call Recording Solution in California. As an Expert Communications Recording solution provider we focus on record of all calls, every call and make every interaction count. Recorded calls to prove adherence, settle disputes and mitigate risks in Calfornia. Our focus is to provide businesses need when it comes to High-Quality Voice and Workstation Screen Recording in California. Our products include both VoIP VoIP Call Recording and digital Call Recording that have been implemented in almost all industries.

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Interview Room Recording California. Goserco offers accurate records of mobile interview meetings for compliance or dispute resolution through a simple app which records conversations that are securely stored in the cloud. Capture high quality audio from interviews and meetings without the need for extra equipment, at the simple touch of a button on your phone or tablet.

Goserco Call Recording provides advanced voice communications recording for your enterprise. Our features focused on advanced communications recording, analysis, and compliance systems for mission critical applications. California VoIP call recording option. Goserco offers Complete VoIP call recording solution for your business in California. Get quotes for VoIP & Digital call recording and quality control software with a budget price.

We are proud to offer you a flexible solution to your business needs in California. Specializes in Expert Communications Recording Systems, Voice Logging Recorders, and custom Audio equipment for public safety and military intelligence applications.

iRecord recording solutions in California

iRecord is the natural choice for interview rooms of all types that require a SIMPLE video and audio recording solution with very high quality and reliability. iRecord Features as follows:

• ONE TOUCH Recording and VHS-style controls make operation SIMPLE.
• Greater versatility and more time-saving features than an off the shelf DVR.
• Simple “Pie Chart” shows instantly how much space remains on a recorder
• Volume and speed control during playback of a recording.
• Automatic delivery through a LAN or WAN
• Automatically time-and-date stamp user text annotations that allow the user to skip directly to important parts of an interview

PSAP California

Public Safety Answering Point CA

Goserco is one of the leading Public safety answering point in California, equipped and staffed on a 24-hour basis to receive and process on behalf of a governmental entity or intends to receive and process E-911 calls. Public-safety access point is a call center in California responsible for answering calls to an emergency telephone number for police, firefighting, and ambulance services. Our trained telephone operators are also usually responsible for dispatching these emergency services.

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Digital Recording Solutions CA

Digital Call Recording Solutions California

Goserco Inc provides expert communications center solutions to capture, analyze, evaluate, and share their recorded communications. In addition, to secure the management of risk management and evidentiary purposes, the digital call recording system enables federal, state, local and private organizations to improve the quality of their mission-critical voice and data interactions, maximize staff performance and retention, and deliver first-rate public safety services.

Digital Call Recording Solutions Features-

  • Intelligent Call Recording for Public Safety.
  • Enterprise compliance recording and Workforce Management.
  • Robust recording solution that can capture the communications.
  • Solutions can be deployed on-premises or in cloud environments.

IP Video Surveillance California

Video Surveillance Specialist California

Goserco Inc is a leading provider for enterprises and organizations alike, specializing in customized surveillance systems with video monitoring services that deter crime and unwanted activity. Defending your business, protecting assets, and deterring crime are essential if you want to keep your business, and employees, safe. IP Video Surveillance systems capture clear video for better security. A global leader in intelligent IP video surveillance products and solutions for businesses in California including retailers, banks, transit agencies and more.

  • Protect Against Theft & Reduce Loss
  • Improve Employee Productivity & Safety
  • Capture Ultra Clear Images with HD Video
  • Easy Setup with Help from Our Experts!
Public safety recording

Next Gen 911 Recording CA

Next Generation 911 Recording California

Next Generation 911 systems have served the needs of the public in emergencies in California. As communication technologies have evolved to include wireless phones, text, and picture messaging, video chat, social media, and VoIP devices, the public expects that 911 services will also be able to accept information from these communication methods. Goserco Inc offers Next Generation 911 recording solutions in The State of California.

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Public safety recording

Child Advocacy Recording CA

Interview Room Recording California

When it comes to investigating child abuse, it can be an ongoing process to discover the facts and evidence in the case, especially when interviewing a juvenile victim. Goserco Inc. interview recording equipment is an easy-to-use audio video system that was built specifically for your Child Advocacy Center’s needs. Audio and video Interview Room Recording Systems are features of many Children’s Advocacy Centers to enhance the prosecutor’s ability to file appropriate charges.

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