Big or Small – We Have A Call Recording Solution For You

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]Limit liability. Identify and act upon training opportunities. Comply with legal requirements. Improve performance while increasing employee retention. Ensure high customer satisfaction.

Call Recording Made Easy

Every business is unique when it comes to finding a Call Recording Solution that fits your needs. Whether your business operates independently or across multiple locations, is centralized or has a segmented communications infrastructure, Goserco, Inc. can provide a seamless recording solution that works for you.

Many of our enterprise-wide, multi-site installations include the following software and system architectural configurations:

  • Analog, Digital, and VoIP Call Recording
  • Conventional and Trunked Radio Recording (Including P25 IP Radio)
  • Centralized (browser-based) search, playback, and export
  • Centralized Archiving
  • NAS/SAN long-term call recording archives
  • Call Taker Evaluation Software and Template Tools
  • Workstation Screen Recording
  • Advanced Analytics Tools
  • Quality Assurance

Industry Ready

Since 1991, Goserco, Inc. has taken to heart how important it is to create an authentic partnership with all of their clients. Whether your business is medical, legal, construction, or transportation, Goserco can help you limit potential liability, have a solid record of verbal and computer-based transactions – or simply take advantage of tools to manage the service your customers receive from employees of your company.

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