With the advancements technology has made over the last 20 years, the demand for a reliable and user friendly call recording solution is huge. Businesses are now more concerned about Quality Assurance and want a way to improve their overall customer satisfaction.

Verint offers a comprehensive set of quality monitoring tools that is highly integrated with their Audiolog recording solution.

Verint Audiolog

  • Verint’s Audiolog provides a multimedia recording solution for contact centers with any type of environment.
  • This high quality recording equipment helps contact centers meet compliance, risk management and quality management needs with a flexible solution for full-time, on demand, scheduled and criteria-driven recording.
  • Audiolog uses a single platform to capture screens as well as data from a variety of sources, including digital, analog, IP telephones.
  • This system also provides multimedia search and playback to quickly expedite, dispute resolution and enhance quality assurance evaluations and initiatives.
  • Offers a synchronized voice, text and screen replay
  • Includes an open architecture, industry-standard technology, and optional encryption for superior reliability, scalability, and compliance with Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCI DSS)

Verint & Public Safety

  • Provides a comprehensive workforce optimization portfolio: radio and telephone call recording, playback and archive; quality assurance; training, and coaching; speech analytics;incident investigation; and customer surveys.
  • Designed to improve emergency preparedness and response, reduce liability and risk, and make the most of budgets and staff.
  • Helps enhance employee productivity, increase retention, and expedite implementation of NG9-1-1, E-112, and other emerging standards
  • Developed specifically for command and control centers, PSAPs, and emergency communication centers, including correctional facilities, transportation network operation centers, homeland security, 911/999/112/000 centers and more.

Verint & Contact Centers

  • Offers the industry’s first 5th generation workforce optimization solution for may types of contact centers
  • Built on proven technology developed by Verint® Systems, Blue Pumpkin® Software, Witness® Systems, Mercom™, and Iontas™.
  • Enables contact centers to use Real-Time at the Right Time™ intelligence to capture and analyze customer interactions, uncover trends, discover the root cause of employee and customer behavior, and make faster, better decisions.
  • Targets specific areas of customer service operations in and beyond contact centers