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Rugged Design

Mobotix IP Security Cameras are built to withstand extreme temperatures (-22 to +140 °F) and environments. With its fiberglass-reinforced housing, Mobotix cameras can be trusted anywhere. To date, more than 100,000 cameras have been installed worldwide in all environmental conditions, from the Antarctic to the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the tropical Everglades in Florida.

Goserco Mobotix Commercial (Turn Sound On)

Decentralized Architecture

With the decentralized Mobotix concept a high-speed computer, and, if requested, a digital memory (MicroSDcard) is built into every camera for long-term recording.

Hemispheric Vision

Install Less Cameras & Save Money

With 180° Hemispheric Vision, one Mobotix camera can replace up to 6 regular cameras in a room. Each lens produces a High Resolution 6MP image and does not lose quality when zoomed in.

Keeping Your Business Secure is a Top Priority

Being a business owner requires a lot of responsibility. One of the top responsibilities would be keeping your business safe and secure. Video surveillance systems are a top priority and give your company a “safeguard” when it comes to crime and theft. Video surveillance cameras can act as a crime deterrent and are a great tool to use for evidence in a crime investigation against your business or visual evidence for law enforcement to use. With modern day video surveillance, the feed can provide a high resolution picture with an option to use different types of lenses for optional angles and views. With many of the new cameras, images do not lose quality when zoomed in. Video surveillance also adds product security which in turn helps loss prevention. 

Goserco, Inc. also supplies other IP camera solutions that can be tailored to any customers needs.  Please contact us for more information.

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