Mobotix IP Camera’s are designed with Decentralized Architecture in mind. This will give your business the flexibility to have each Mobotix IP Camera independently records and stores data without slowing down your Local Area Network (LAN). Since the Mobotix IP Camera works as its own hub, you have the option to store up to 64 GB of data on the built-in DVR. Every recording is then archived on your NAS (Network Attached Storage) and can be accessed at any time.

Mobotix IP Camera Map

Mobotix IP Camera Map

Why Choose Mobotix?

In a day and age where theft and larceny happens every 14 seconds, not protecting your assets 24/7 can make or break a business. Every business owner deserves to have a peace of mind when away from the office.

Now it is possible to…

  • Accurately record movement with temperature sensors that can pick up body heat
  • Trust an IP Camera that can withstand extreme temperatures (-22° to +140°F)
  • Communicate with employees and distributors through a built-in microphone
  • Watch your business on your phone while you are away from the office
  • Record an all around view of your office with our 360° hemispheric lens