Pioneering the Video Security Industry

MOBOTIX Is More Than Just Another Camera Manufacturer

We do not see ourselves as a typical camera manufacturer. In terms of IoT, our video systems are computers with lenses, working intelligently and with embedded storage capacities. MOBOTIX is distinctly characterised as a pioneering global company that develops solutions based on German engineering and processing, which is appreciated as particularly innovative and of high quality.MOBOTIX set themselves apart with their uncompromisingly reliable and intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and which ensures long-term investment security.

From the Mobotix Brochure...

The company remains true to their core values and DNA, including their proprietary software, hardware and the MxPEG+ video codec, for example. It was specially developed for security applications and has enormous advantages in times of cyber attacks and threats. We will stay true to our original DNA, while also opening up our systems for integration and increased usability. The ONVIF industry standard is included in our products and facilitates using them within third-party video management systems and integrating more easily in projects.

As a video solution provider, we are the right choice for everyone who seeks intelligent systems to enhance daily business, security and life. To deliver this promise, we provide the appropriate mix of networked hardware, software and service products.

Integrated Intelligence

We Do Not Make A Camera, It Is A Computer With A Lens

MOBOTIX IP video systems have been optimised for remote applications and cloud-based technology because they can reduce video bandwidth by scaling the size and frame rate. However, image details are still available thanks to the onboard virtual PTZ functionality. The cameras store high-resolution video onboard while also delivering low-bandwidth live images and playback, on demand. Additionally, MOBOTIX cameras can manage an event-driven video ring buffer via network or Internet. The live channel and the recorded video are highly secured because the video encryption is performed inside the camera.

  • Distortion correction in real time in the camera
  • Adaptive bandwidth management
  • Live analysis locally in the camera
  • Easy configuration
  • Intuitive operation for the user

Decentralized Concept

Our Most Important Unique Selling Point

The first MOBOTIX product released was an IP camera with recording and DVR management technology built-in. It was a world-first. This decentralized approach was so revolutionary, it changed the video surveillance industry forever. Because the camera was completely self-managing, expensive central recording systems were, for the first time, no longer required. The MOBOTIX decentralized system platform uses comparatively little computing power, even in megapixel resolutions. This makes it far more cost-effective and easier to scale in size than traditional centralized systems. As more cameras are added to the system, you only need to add more storage. No dedicated servers or recording software licenses needed. This low-cost, low-maintenance solution saves customers both upfront and over the life of the system.

MOBOTIX cameras are 'decentralized' because they are VMS-enabled with in-camera video recording, alarm and storage management.

Decentralized Concept Image

MOBOTIX cameras do not require licensed recording software to record, store and manage the video, as the management software is already in the cameras.

  • Video analysis and recording in the camera
  • No computer
  • No additional software
  • No digital video recorder
  • No single point of failure
  • Very easy to scale, maximum level of reliability

Excellent Image Quality

Only The Best Components Deliver The Best Results

Great imaging starts with great technology. For many security specialists, our innovative history is legendary and the reason they continue to choose MOBOTIX. Each and every product of our flagship line is carefully constructed using the most advanced optical, electronic, manufacturing and quality assurance technologies. We use only the highest-quality CMOS sensors and develop image processing software, which enables our cameras to produce exceptionally sharp, clean images. The MOBOTIX devices are continually perfected in our laboratories in Germany.

Low Light, No Problem

The maximum resolution of the color and B&W sensors is 6 megapixels. Thanks to the latest color sensors that feature higher light sensitivity, it is often possible to use MOBOTIX day cameras with color image sensors around the clock, even under lowlight conditions.

Higher Performance And More Intelligence

MOBOTIX latest decentralized IoT cameras use a powerful CPU and software platform that delivers a lot more of detailed and super sharp images per second than ever before. For example, they deliver up to 34 frames per second in full HD. This allows for even better capture of quick movements. The latest camera line is not only faster, but also has more capacity for software applications such as 3D motion analysis with MxActivitySensor 2.1 and other analytic functionalities. Regular software updates ensure that the performance of the intelligent camera system continually improves. This makes every MOBOTIX IoT video system a smart investment.

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